Wednesday, August 8, 2007

NJ Airport Limousine

Something important about NJ Airport Limousine

Why would I say it's important?


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Monday, August 6, 2007

Can’t start Compaq notebook. Can’t start Compaq laptop. Can’t turn on Compaq.

Can’t start Compaq notebook. Can’t start Compaq laptop. Can’t turn on Compaq.

I've always had respect to HP.
Since they took over Compaq – I have respect to this brand as well and buying their products, usually laptops. I have good memory for Compaq durability.

Lately I had a problem with my notebook (about 3 years old most of the time - in the car).

Now I have some more respect to HP because of the way they resolved my problem.
It took about 3 minutes chatting with online support.

Alex: HI
Shannon: Hello Alex.
Shannon: Welcome To HP Total Care for Presario Notebooks. My name is Shannon How may I assist you today?
Alex: I have a problem with my Compaq v2030us
Alex: Lately when I shut down the computer, I can't turn it on.
Shannon: Please go ahead with your query.
Shannon: Could you please elobrate the issue?
Alex: That's not about Windows - I simply can't START the HARDWARE. When I press ON button - I can see light for a second, after that it goes dead again.
Alex: If I try 20-30 times - I may get lucky and make it work again.
Shannon: Thank you for the information.
Alex: If I restart the computer - no problems, only if I shut it down.
Shannon: Please perform the following steps and let me know the results:

1.Disconnect the AC Adapter.

2. Remove the battery

3.Hold the Power button down for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

4.Reconnect the AC adapter.

5.Turn on the notebook power.

Alex: OK - I will try, but now I'm using same computer. If I can't get you back, I will start talk with next rep from those steps.
Alex: Thanks.

That was it. Now my baby is working fine again…


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